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The Secret Stash Pizzeria
Voted Crested Butte's Best Pizza and Wings Since 2002.
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Voted Crested Butte's Best Pizza and Wings Since 2002







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Here are a few of our most popular pizzas
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  • Bleu cheese dressing, mozzarella, chicken, fresh tomato, field greens, crispy bacon, roasted garlic cloves

  • Traditional sauce, Sriracha Swirl, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, chopped garlic, cilantro, tomato & fresh jalapeños

  • Olive oil base, Fresh mozzarella, slices of the biggest tomatoes we can find, salt & pepper crust with fresh basil, garnished with pickled red onions & balsamic reduction.

  • Thousand island dressing, mozzarella, ground beef, onions, american & cheddar cheese, topped with cool lettuce, pickles, on a sesame seed crust (locals favorite)

  • Winner of the World Champion Pizza Challenge: Mozzarella, bleu & asiago cheeses, thinly sliced prosciutto, dried black mission figs & a drizzle of truffle oil

  • Olive oil base, mozzarella, prosciutto, lemon pepper crust, garnished with arugula, shaved parmesan & a lemon crown

Come see why we have been voted Best Pizza in Crested Butte every year since 2002 when we opened!

We’re glad you’ve made it to Crested Butte and found The Secret Stash. Good job! Now that you’re here, kick back, relax + chill.

You are far away from the hustle and bustle of fast food America. Dining at the Stash is an experience for all the senses, one to be enjoyed to the fullest.

We’re not trying to get you in and out as quickly as possible. We’re trying to create a truly memorable dining experience for you, one that stays with you forever.

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Any locals who need some extra work for the next 4 days 10am - 3pm shoot me a text 970-209-5159 (non-restaurant stuff....

9 hours ago

Erin CrokeVirginia Roark9 hours ago

We have to fight for our right to PARTY. "Beastie Boys"

1 day ago

Yeah town council so proud of all of you and how you handled this whole process!!! If we are holding this event there is a huge party at the Secret Stash immediately following this meeting tonight, FREE bud light for our entire community!!!! Congrats Bud Light!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!

1 day ago

Edward DujardinWe love you is a little strong.1 day ago

John LorenzProfoundly and deeply saddening. What else will CB do for money? The Last Great Ski Town? No. Just Another Corporate Marketing Tool. Thanks CB, I've enjoyed the many visits over the years, but now I'll have to find another real place to go to.1 day ago

Dave BrownAn event like this is the antithesis of how I've always viewed at CB.1 day ago

Adam OlmsteadHow much are they paying you??1 day ago

John LorenzIt's all over but the excessive drinking of mediocre corporate beer.1 day ago

Xavier FaneDefinetely not touching that crappy beer.1 day ago

Dalynn McEldowney TrujilloAwesome!!1 day ago

Christian WeichselCongrats to CB. Great news!1 day ago

Amanda GwaltneyFor $250,000? Not worth it, in my opinion. CB will become the laughing stock of Colorado. What a disgrace!!!1 day ago

John LorenzCrystal Methfest next year, it'll be awesome! As long as CB gets paid, that's all that matters!1 day ago

Meagan DonohueLighten up everyone...,it's done and it's going to be fun!!!! It will be great for our town now let's be good, friendly hosts 😊😊1 day ago

Jennifer O'DwyerWhoo hoo so happy for CB and all of the businesses there! It will be an awesome event! Good, let the naysayers leave. Who needs em bunch of whiners21 hours ago

Jennifer O'DwyerJohn Lorenz I have an idea, maybe you can move to the dessert where it's pretty quiet there! Instead of being so negative you should be supportive of the local businesses there who will benefit greatly from this event! It always floors me when people like you want to sabotage what can only be a good thing for the local community! You want quiet and pastorale move to an amish community somewhere! Good god!20 hours ago